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We work with investors to find new properties, buy-to- let opportunities, and properties for redevelopment.

Currently, we have several residential property investment projects across Israel and we are always looking to expand.

Please, contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Investment Team representatives.

Why People Consider Property Investment

Certain people start exploring property investment options after getting disappointed with investment returns in shares, stocks, and other forms of investing. There are also many people eager to get an additional source of income for the future. Frequently, after investing in property, these people have all reasons to expect a comfortable old age. Another widespread group consists of long-time property investors simply aware of the investment appeal of the property market due to its stable and substantial growth.

Usually foreign investors choose to invest in Israel not only because of the return of investment, but also due to some reasons that it is impossible to measure, like Zionism and Jewish identification.

Israel Is A Good Place for Property Investment

The main advantages of the Israel real estate market are its liquidity and stability. Those factors cut the risks for the people interested in property investment to the minimum.

You may wonder how property investment works. Property investing may earn you money in two ways. First, a person can invest in a construction project to sell it once it is completed. Second, a person can buy a property for further letting business.

Property Appreciation

Often, the value of your construction or a ready property investment object increases over the course of time. It occurs, in particular, due to development of the infrastructure around it, including construction of business centers, supermarkets, railway stations, shopping malls, etc. Once again, this type of investment can be complicated for an inexperienced person. Therefore, we recommend consulting the professionals.

Buy-to- Let Investment

This type of investment presupposes buying a property, e.g. a flat, and receiving money from tenants. In addition, a person can make money on office buildings, rental houses, car washes, etc.

However, not every construction project can be profitable for property investing, not to mention that some of them can be unsuccessful. To make the right choice, contact professional specialists, especially if you do not have the proper experience. There are companies that can assist you in investing in a property.

In order to make a successful investment, it is important to know about all the construction projects across Israel and consider the dynamics of the infrastructural and industrial development around them. In addition, it is important to create an investment strategy that works. Keep in mind that its realization may take a lot of time.

The objective of the company is to provide opportunities for quick start of profitable property investment.

We Offer the Following Services:

  • Search and selection of property investment projects that strictly correspond to our client’s preferences;
  • Full range of highly professional services;
  • Consultation at all stages of investing.

Advantages of Property Investing with Ready Property:

  • Individual approach;
  • Long-term and consistent experience of safe and successful investments;
  • Consulting and competent legal support in dealing with all the necessary documentation and banking accounts;

Of course the earnings may differ from one project to another. Accordingly our commission in also negotiational.

Please, contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Investment Team representatives.