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About Ready Property

Consolidated London property agency providing exceptional services at affordable prices

About Us

Ready Property is a consolidated London property agency that provides exceptional services at affordable prices. We know that your time is valuable. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to handle all your property needs from day one. We list the latest properties for sale and rent across London's vibrant real estate scene.

Company Overview

Ready Property is a real estate agency you can trust. We work on behalf of our clients and will stand up for your interests every time. Our broad experience in the industry is a guarantee of our commitment to reaching deals that satisfy all parties.

Whether you want to buy, sell, rent, let, or invest in a property, you can rely on us. We have up-to-date information and expert advice across the real estate market.

Our agency offers an all-in-one approach, beginning with a free, non-obligatory appraisal by our experienced market specialists. The solicitors and legal advisers are on hand to ensure that your rights are always protected, and our property maintenance team work to first-class standards every time.

We also offer expertise in property investment, with a proven track record of completed, successful and profitable projects.

Ready Property is proud to manage everything on your behalf from the very beginning.

Our Team

Each member of our team knows the real estate industry inside out. We understand the hassles and pitfalls of dealing with other estate agencies, and that's why we are trying to change things for the better.

The Ready Property team values your time and works hard to understand your needs.

Personal agents are willing to:

  • conduct a free property valuation for you;
  • arrange a meeting at the most convenient time, because we understand that your schedule is tight;
  • suggest a range of the most suitable property options, so that you can choose your one and only;
  • give neighbourhood tours showing the best places close to your future home.

What We Offer

Ready Property works conscientiously for every single client.

We know that your needs are unique. Our friendly support, prompt responses and dedicated efforts distinguish us from other agencies. Ready Property strives to accomplish outstanding results for our sellers, landlords, buyers and tenants.

Our agency works longer hours than other property agents. This means you can have viewings whenever it's most convenient for you. The certified agents and legal advisors are ready to provide relevant support and resolve any matters without affecting your schedule.

What's more, our support doesn't need to end when a client moves into their new home. We provide our tenants with comprehensive property management services. From recording an inventory to carrying out repairs and filing insurance claims, we are on hand to manage everything.

Ready Property invites you to browse the properties online using our 360° panoramic images – they allow you to explore a property with your own eyes from the comfort of your office or home.